Student Services

Career Guidance

Career guidance is given to our students from Std IX, based on the careers that they would like to pursue after their schooling. This guidance is given by specialized persons in the respective areas like Engineering, Medicine, Chartered Accountancy and others. These programs help the students realize their interest even before they step out of school. The career guidance program is conducted throughout the year.


The school has qualified counsellors, who help the students who are facing any problems like lack of good performance in the class, change in attitude and behavior, mental ailments etc. The counsellors take good care of the needy and thus help them to be their best during their course of study in the school. The Co-ordinators of the respective area counsel their students.

Transport Services

The school has 9 buses, which ply every morning and evening. The students of the school are allowed to avail this facility (on payment) and ensure safe travelling.

Health Services

A well qualified and experienced nurse is in charge of the infirmary to look after the sick. A general certificate of good health must be produced at the time of admission.


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