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The students are grouped into four distinct houses named with four unique wild birds namely Kingfisher, Leafbird, Oriole, and Woodpecker.

Houses and colours are:

Kingfisher – Blue
Leafbird – Green
Oriole – Yellow
Woodpecker – Red

Leafbird is a bird with attractive green and yellow plumages that blend well into their tropical habitat and acts as the perfect camouflage. Similarly, the team strives the best in all fields by giving robust competition to its competitors.

Kingfisher is noted for its spectacular dives into the water. These vocal and colorful birds are renowned for their dramatic hunting techniques. Typically, this team chases the winning moments with the best performances.

Oriole is a bird with flame-orange, black, with a solid-black head, and white bar on their black wings. It is a powerful bird and cannot be easily spotted. It alarms the nearby birds about the predators. The Oriole team imprints at the victorious moments in the battle of the game field.

Woodpeckers are colorful and beautiful birds, well known for pecking the wood of trees with their pointed beaks. Compared to other birds, woodpeckers have a distinct flight pattern. Likely, this team also exhibits innovative strategies to excel.

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