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We have an awe-inspiring atmosphere with exclusive infrastructure with 5 acres of land. The building spans over 50,000 sqft. We aid the process of learning by offering ventilated classrooms with smart boards, AV Room, ICT, and Science, Math and Language laboratories, a sports field. According to the age and height of the children, the seating arrangements are specially designed. Ionized pure drinking water is available at the campus. We have separate toilets on each floor to ensure hygiene. A distinct library and play area for kindergarten, equipped to ensure cognitive and kinesthetic well-being. In short, it is a safe, serene, and self-contained campus.


The school runs a fleet of buses manned by well experienced drivers and helpers. Buses are run to the outlying areas around 15km radius, picking up and dropping students at their door steps on payment. The school takes effective care to ensure safety of the children.

Lunch & Snacks

Century is concerned with its students’ health. We are precise in following traditional and healthy food in our snacks and lunch menu. The menu includes healthy drinks, cereals, grams, millets, variety of vegetables, and seasonal fruits.


Our peaceful ambiance inspires a love for reading. Our school library is considered a treasure trove of information. We are fully stocked with an excellent and comprehensive collection of books, encyclopedias, CDs’ and DVDs’ to broaden the student’s intellectual and cognitive horizons. Besides this, the school subscribes leading magazines, journals, periodicals, local and national newspapers to keep them abreast of the happenings around them.


The students are nurtured through fully equipped and suitably designed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to feed scientific temperament. Students use these facilities for enhancing their innovative and scientific skills with excellent space that ignites practical knowledge and creative thinking with hands-on experiments.


To adhere to global technical skills, our school provides an opportunity and makes its students highly distinguished. We tied up with Bharathiyar University to implement new programming skills. We provide an individual cabin for every learning minds.

Language lab

Century imparts linguistic skill right from kindergarten. We build in confidence to express their views and thoughts in our campus language. We dedicate space for learning the language with fully furnished language lab.

Maths Lab

The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics. The logical, analytical, and reasoning intelligence is stimulated by providing opportunities for doing and learning.The well-equipped math lab provides a thorough understanding of the basic concepts, which is implanted at a young age to comprehend mathematical skills.

Medical Amenities

We provide a safer and healthier environment to our children. We enhance the safety of the school by providing immediate medical assistance with a trained nurse cum mentor.We also provide sick room wherein sick children are treated with care and we duly report the parent at once in case of any medical emergencies.