The essence of life is found in so many forms and holds many secrets. It is a part of everyone and it acts like a small prism, one can see the wonder of light which ignites the world with vibrant colours. Similarly this is just that drop, from the ocean of Century which is full of enthusiasm and life. Century sprouted with Seven blossoms and has now bloomed into Thousand Three Hundred flowerets, progressing with the motto “Learn While You Play”.

Century owes its existence, growth and service to the destined cosmopolite. They make life beautiful as we strive to make their lives beautiful with the power of knowledge, healthy attitudes, assimilating ideas and perfection of skills. Although the school has increased in size, its warm community spirit has remained. CFMHSS is a school that strongly values partnerships between parents, teachers and students.

The School is located on the divergent wing (Rackiapalayam Junction) on the Kangeyam Road. It was established in the year 1998, affiliated to Tamil Nadu Government – Matric State Education Department. The co-educational offers students a unique educational, cultural and social experience by combining high quality in academics, unrivalled sports and Extracurricular Activities for which CFMHSS is recognized.


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    In order to ensure the development of the total personality of

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    Present day education develops the intellect and skills but does little to develop good



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